Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who am I?

To be semi aware of who I am, a person would need to know where I came from.  Not just geographically, but 'domestically.'  I am the second child in a family with four kids.  I am a younger sister, older sister, best friend, and nemesis to the three other children.  Geographically, I am from the beach.  Born and raised on the coast of Florida, I could not imagine growing up anywhere else.  Atlantic Beach, is a small-enough town.  People see my face and know I'm my mother's daughter and hear my last name and tell me they were taught by my grandfather, grandmother, or given rehab by my dad.  (Note: do not misbehave in a small town.  Someone will catch you.)

I came to Florida for the journalism program, to save money by going to school in state, and simply for the fact that I wanted to be a Gator.  Both my parents went to UF and I wanted to be able to claim this on my own ticket.  A Gator not just through lineage but first-hand.

Career goals range far and wide.  Most people are willing to listen if I just say I would like to copy edit for a newspaper or magazine.  People hear that I am willing to write but prefer feature, soft news stories rather than hard news.  But many aspirations for life are more than just vocational.  I want to travel, be a mom, be a wife, write, eat, cook, write about cooking and eating, compete, and not necessarily in that order.  Part of growing up and becoming a professional, at whatever I choose, will be figuring a way to fit all those things into life.

Part of my future aspirations hint at things I enjoy.  Reading, running, the beach, swimming, biking, beach volleyball, eating, looking for sharks' teeth, cooking, traveling, different kinds of weather, and being outside are things and activities that bring joy and peace to my mind and spirit.

Experience has been gained at my alma mater, Georgia Southern.  While there, I helped to copy edit the school newspaper, The George-Anne.  Also, I wrote a small column for the 11th Hour: Statesboro's Guide to What's Happening.  One semester, I also interned with GSU's department of Marketing and Communications.

Recently, I started reading Reading Lolita in Tehran.  Over the summer, I started reading The Emperor of Ocean Park, a novel that had been suggested by a professor.  Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the book; I was too busy being outside and working.

Regular print reads include the Jacksonville Times-Union when I'm at home, Running magazine(s), Self, sometimes Glamour, and Southern Living and Food Network when I can get a hold of them.  On the internet, I occasionally check out Jacksonville's page, but check food blogs constantly.  Noblepig and katheats are my two personal favorites.

Other classes I am taking this semester are electronic publishing and magazine/feature writing.

No idea what my thesis/dissertation topic will be!

For this class, I'm really interested in learning how to write better, newsworthy pieces.  I want to be descriptive and write well but bring people newsworthy and interesting information.


  1. Hey Rachel -- I play beach volleyball with my roommate and an assortment of our friends, mostly med-school classmates of his, a couple times a month and we're always looking for more people to play with. If you'd like to come play with us sometime, you're more than welcome!


  2. Rachel:
    I loved your comment about a small town! That's exactly how Ocala is and something my mama has hammered into my brain since I was young. Hope you've had a great weekend!